Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Simple Easter DIY

It is bazarre to think that Easter this year will look a little different. Not only are we quarantined - potentially until Easter or longer - but as a family we have a little nugget who will be celebrating her first Easter ever! 

The teacher in me cannot go without putting together some sort of craft. We try to do something with Emilia for every seasonal event, so we could throw it all into her memory book! And then the baker in me, of course, is all about putting together some delicious baked goods! 


Easter Craft 

Emilia is quite little, so there are limits to what we could do with her. With that being said, this was an easy craft which could be modified based on age as well. I allowed for Emilia to actually 'paint' but what I did was, used a Ziploc bag to put the canvas in and we avoided a big mess, HOWEVER it was a great sensory activity for her!

What you will need

- Various paint colours (up to you on the colours) 
- Canvas or cardstock sheet of paper 
- Ziploc or plastic wrap 
- Vinyl bunny cut out; use a Silhouette or Cricuit or easy buy a roll or Protector from Dollarama and
   it is super sticky, use this it works great!

Easy Steps 

1. Cut out the bunny or whatever shape you'd like to use
2. Stick it some where on your canvas/cardstock 
3. Droplets of various paint colours on the canvas; nontoxic
4. Infants could finger paint by spreading the paint, or this could be modified for age for example
        - sponges, paint brushes, rollers, etc.
5. Allow paint to dry and peel the cut out shape!