Sunday, August 16, 2020

All About Vitamins

Let's talk vitamins! I personally have always been a big vitamin person because I see the benefits and prefer the natural means of finding equilibrium in my body versus being dependent on medication. Biggest thing is finding the brand's that offer what you need and that you know you can trust! Especially when it comes to your kiddos! 

When Emília was born, I was sure to ask the doctor all the questions around vitamins, the benefits of taking what when and of course did a bit of my own research. I had come across AllKidz vitamins and appreciated firstly that they are a Canadian company! Secondly, I really loved that they focus on age specific products so there's no guessing and of course they use nothing but natural ingredients and are completely transparent about it. As mentioned above, AllKidz focuses on age specific products because they value and understand that at each stage, kids require different supplements and nutrition to help support their growth and development. They explain that, "As fellow parents, we at allKiDz® know that you’re looking to provide the exact nutrition that your child needs, nothing more and nothing less. That’s why we strive to give you products with ingredients you’re familiar with – ingredients you can pronounce." (AllKidz About Page). And this is a thousand percent true, which is why I gravitated towards them. You can read more about their ingredients here.

Some of my other favourite things about AllKidz:

  • They have a variety of products from multi-vitamins, probiotics, vitamin D and more!
  • They're gluten free
  • No artificial colouring or flavours
  • And they are Health Canada-Approved formulations

Side Note: To all my Vegan friends, you're in luck I know it might often be hard to find Vegan products, but AllKidz actually offers Vegan options which is amazing! 


My Favourite Products: 

Living in Alberta this was the number one thing that was recommended to us, since our winters are so long. It also helps with building strong bones and teeth and is usually recommended by doctors starting from birth. The dropper it comes with makes it super easy to administer to your kiddos. And again, they are labelled with the age so you're not left with question or how much and how long you should be giving this to your kiddo. Here's the Vegan option.

This was another supplement suggested to us because Emilia had a lot of bad tummy pains as a baby and still struggles with some digestion now. Some foods really upset her belly and she become super gassy and uncomfortable and often very constipated. I notice a big difference when she does not take her probiotics! 

Now that Emilia is a year old, this was something I started to look into. It still has the vitamin D within it, which is great. However, along with this, it also has calcium, vitamin A (great for vision & skin), vitamin B (supports metabolism which my babe definitely needs as well as supports mental development), Zinc and Vitamin C (immune support). It's an amazing blend and is specialized specifically for babes aged 1-3! It comes in little packets that you just mix with water. If you don't like this, they also have them in drops! Once your babe is old enough, you can transition them to the Multi Gummy Bears Vegetarian which provide a set of vitamins appropriate for ages 4-13 and the Multi Gummy Bears which are for ages 6 and above.  


Where to buy

Luckily there is a large variety of places, and a lot of them are all online which means you don't have to worry about leaving your home! You can find AllKidz supplements at: 

Hope this was informative!! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!