Tuesday, October 27, 2020

DIY Halloween Ghost Frame

Nothing says "new normal" like finding some cute crafts to do with your family for Halloween. It doesn't all have to be about the candy! But you can always pair a bowl of your favourite treats while crafting!! 

Halloween might look different this year, but maybe look at that in a positive mindset that you possibly have never looked at before! How special is it to spend Halloween with all your fave people instead of just a select few! Hop on a video call with your family near or far and do this craft together! Might as well make the best of it and it'll definitely go down as the most memorable Halloween yet!

This craft is super easy and really you can make it your own! 



What you'll need for this cute little ghost!

• frame (choose whichever frame you'd like) 

• white, red and black paint (be sure to at least have a chalk and acrylic white paint the rest can be acrylic)

• brushes 

• pencil 



• take the backing off your frame and paint it white to get a base coat. The photo above has a blush pink background by mixing white chalk paint, some white & red acrylic. The chalk paint is just thicker but by mixing it with the acrylic it's not too lumpy giving you a nice smooth finish. 

• let completely dry. Next draw on the ghost ! Paint white using same technique as above with acrylic and chalk. 

• let completely dry. Trace the outside of your ghost, add the eyes and then use a thin brush to brush on the black lines with paint. Let dry and then so a thin layer of white again over some parts so the lines aren't too defined. 


That's all! Display in your favourite place!