Monday, May 11, 2020

The Dalgona Coffee Trend

I am sure by now, you have heard of the Dalgona Coffee that has been trending pretty well everywhere! We first saw it a number of months ago on good old TikTok and well decided to try it. YUP definitely fell in love! Of course now, it is my go to drink when I am home and feeling my sweet tooth asking for something. 

I have been trying a few different - little changes - things in my Dalgona Coffee, and thought I would give you some inspo! I would also love to hear about how you've been experimenting with your Dalgona coffee. Or if you haven't yet, when you do try it and fall in love with it, I want to hear about anything you are doing different!! 

What you will need
- Cup (I like using a mason jar)
- 1 Cup of Milk of choice; I use Silk Vanilla Oat
- Ice - whatever amount you like
- 1 Tbsp of instant coffee; I use Nestle or Hasty Coffee
- 1 Tbsp of brown sugar; this is my preference
- 1 Tbsp of water
- Whisk
- Bowl
- My Touch: Chocolate/Vanilla Pudding Mix Powder

Let's get to it! 

1. In a bowl, place the 1 tbsp of instant coffee, 1 tbsp of brown sugar and 1 tbsp of water. Depending on how strong you like it, you may want to double up the ingredients. I always do double as I found the ratio of milk to coffee wasn't enough for me.

2. With your whisk, you will mix the ingredients for about 2-5 mins depending on how fluffy you want the coffee to be. I usually don't do it too long as I find in the end it is a bit difficult to mix afterwards. So I usually just eye it, and check to see the consistency and once I am happy with it I stop.

3. Put desired amount of ice in your glass and add the cup of milk. At this point, this is when I would add a little bit of vanilla or chocolate powder. I don't measure this amount, I kind of add until I feel I met the flavour I like but usually about a teaspoon or two.

4. Add the coffee mixture to the top. Snap a photo! haha And then if you would like you could mix it a bit otherwise I find I am just with the straw drinking the milk or coffee foam on top.

Thank its, that's all! It has been the best addition to my time in isolation when I know the coffee shop hours are limited and line ups are long!