Monday, September 30, 2019

Moments With Mellissa

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my page! I thought I would quickly introduce myself!
My Name is Melissa, I grew up in Toronto, Ontario but moved out to Alberta in 2012. Although by birth I am Canadian on paper, I am actually the worst Canadian ever because there is actually little to nothing about me that is actually Canadian. 

I come from a Portuguese family and growing up my entire life was very far fetched from having a typical Canadian upbringing. My parents moved back to Portugal when I was about two years of age. They had to get everything figured out to start their lives in Canada as citizens. I didn't actually start speaking English until I started kindergarten back in Canada when we finally moved back! Although I have been able to outgrow my Portuguese-Canadian accent and fluently speak English, it was tough but hey good old phonics really did the trick! 

Growing up I was the kid who always had the MOST boring summer stories because all we ever did was go back home to Portugal to spend it with family. I have always felt I missed out a little on the Caribbean trips, or Disney trips, you know the things all other normal Canadian families get to do! I was also that kid that always had weird lunches; tuna sandwiches, soup, ham and cheese sandwiches which sounds normal but I always had the Portuguese buns, ham and cheese none of the normal sliced bread! Needless to say, I survived being a little weird because I grew up with a lot of other Portuguese kids. Truthfully, my elementary was full of Portuguese, Italian and Spanish so we sort of just were weird in our little pods of culture!! 

Anyway, fast forward many years, I moved to Alberta with the idea of staying ONLY for a year to get some teaching experience on my resume...that was 2012. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I never in my life anticipated that me accepting a job without even thinking on it first, packing my life I a few hours, flying out to Alberta, getting picked up at the airport with a rundown of my teaching assignment in the vehicle on the way to start my teaching position that afternoon in Drumheller, then not getting rehired to that school and transferring to another school in Drumheller, buying my first place out in Airdrie and ready to say "goodbye" to Drumheller and ACTUALLY start my life...that all of this would lead to me meeting my husband, getting married to him, building  our very first home and to have been blessed with a beautiful little baby girl!! 

I am so thankful of all the craziness my life has been through the ups and downs and all the transitions because if none of it had happened I would not be here right now, having a story to write about and being able to share in things I am passionate about as well as the highs and lows of motherhood!

I hope my blog brings you some laughter, maybe some tears, but honestly most of all just content that is real and relatable to people who read it!

Yours Truly,