Saturday, September 28, 2019

"Hello Fall" DIY Project

I am a fan of creating my own decor for the house! I mean I am sure I could find what I am looking for somewhere, but I figure why not try and do it myself and have a little crafting sesh! So I have attached all the necessary materials. I did not take photos of each steps I took in creating this but it is fairly straight forward. I have included each step however hopefully with enough detail! If you have any questions about this craft, please send me an email or message me on Instagram and I could provide you some help. Also email me for the Mason Jar file. 


Materials Needed
Note: the materials I purchased are all from Michael's please feel free to find what you like else where I just know often times they have exactly what I need so I don't waste time looking anywhere else haha) 

  • Glue Gun & Glue 
  • Wooden Board (I bought might but you could always make them too I just was pressed for time)
  • A small bouquet of flowers that you like (Michael's has the smaller bouquets which were the perfect amount for this craft)
  • White paint to paint the board if not already white
  • Black semi-gloss paint for the stencil
  • Mason Jar Stencil (Please email me for the stencil if you like the one I am using)
  • Stencil paper to cut the stencil out on. I use Silhouette so I purchased the Silhouette stencil sheet but you could also purchase the Circuit stencil sheet and use it with Silhouette
  • Fine tip permanent marker to do the touch ups and in the spaces of the board


I ended up painting my board first, I used a white acrylic paint I also bought at Michael's I did two coats and let it dry about 5 minutes between coats. I then applied the stencil where I wanted it and used a semi-gloss black paint to paint on the stencil and let that dry for about 5 minutes. I then took the flowers off the stems and cut them almost flat and used a glue gun to place them where I wanted. Lately, I went in and added the little detail with the tall grass, twigs, pine cones and cotton.

I really like this craft because it so easy to make and it looks super cute once it is done!!


These are the items I purchased from Micheal's for this project you are of course to choose what works with your decor and your taste. I really liked adding not just flowers, but some other textures so I had some of the long grass, plus some pine cones and some cotton and twigs. 

 Happy Crafting!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me either via Email or Instagram !