Friday, September 27, 2019

Simple Fall Decor

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I always have a hard time figuring out what to do when it comes time to decorate for the different seasons. I could definitely go crazy and decorate but that takes a lot of time and money to collect items in order to do so. Now, although I love decorating for fall - and other seasons - I have a hard time justifying the purchasing of many different items because décor could cost a lot. Along with purchasing and growing your collection, the other issue is finding storage for all your décor!!

What I have done over the years instead is purchase only a few key fall décor items. If I haven't been able to find things I would like, then I just make the time to do some crafting either alone or make a friends date out of it! I absolutely love making custom décor but I mean sometimes my time is very limited so I do go on the hunt for the items I need to complete my vision!

Well I have included some fall décor that I have used this year. I tried my best to be cost efficient with my décor this year and purchased only a few items which I plan to keep and I also have some décor which I purchased that could potentially be used for more than one season as well!

Continue reading for my outdoor décor!

Okay so, I always struggle with outdoor décor and it took me a little bit of time to actually figure out what to do. After some 'Pinteresting', and dog walks around my neighbourhood, I think I got figured out!

Above you will see I have purchased a few crates, some pumpkins, a few lanterns, flowers, written frame, wreath and a doormat. I wanted something simple but that provided a nice fall statement. We also finally got around to staining our porch and I love how the colour turned out! The key to decorating is being smart about when to buy your items so that you don't have to spend a fortune, and shop around before finalizing anything!

Where are my items from? 

- Wreath; Michael's they have cute wreaths but sometimes can be expensive, wait for a sale or coupon! Home Sense usually has some super cute ones as well!

- Crates; you can buy them anywhere but I actually like the price Wal-Mart sells them for and they have a variety of sizes.

- Doormat; Canadian Tire. I was going to purchase a Fall specific mat but I am about reusing when possible and figured this could be where I do that.

- Lantern; I purchased the lantern, the candle and the flowers from Michael's. I purchased everything when they had their 60% off deals making this mini craft a lot more affordable to complete! This will be a décor piece that I will likely use for several seasons as I could just change the florals inside.

- Wheat; I did not go with real wheat, but found this at Canadian Tire!

- Flowers; the potted flowers in the background are real, I made this purchase at our local grocery store - The Real Canadian Superstore they always have awesome seasonal floral arrangements.

- "Gathering" frame; Michael's

- Pumpkins; purchased at our local grocery store. I enjoyed how these looked because the stem on the top looks cute and fancy! haha I do plan on painting these pumpkins white and possibly another colour to match my décor better.

If you have any questions about anything in my photo please do not hesitate to reach out. I am also open to some ideas on outdoor décor!! I am no professional here and always looking for new and fresh ideas!!