Friday, March 27, 2020

My Favourite Baby Romper - Lil Boop Boop

As a mom, I am constantly looking for the best of the best for my little. I have to honestly say, I cannot remember the last time I cared this much about my own products and items since baby E arrived. Reality is, as parents, I am sure not one person can deny they want the best for their kids because we have this mindset that thinks of them as being so fragile and therefore, getting the best is the only solution! 

I have recently come into contact with Adi from Lil Boop Boop and she is an amazing human being! We connected right away over my initial interest and attraction to her product but then my interest peaked once she told me everything about her company, product quality and well her just being her! 

The most important aspect of any company as a mom, is finding ethical, local companies who have a face behind their name that makes them relatable and this mama is all things motherhood!

The Story...My Favourite Part ALWAYS

Just as mentioned above and like any other mom, this company is relatable. Her inspiration and motivation to create this clothing line came from her "desire to dress her daughter is quality garments" ( and not being a fan of all the buttons that come with standard onesie's and baby clothing in general. Not only that, but this mama was also thinking about the issue around light clothing that showed all stains, the issues with blowouts and how difficult sometimes some baby clothing could be to remove while trying to keep the mess contained, and all the in-between's of what it means to have a baby.

Lil Boop Boop is a Canadian company, located in British Columbia! This may seem like a small piece of information but actually a key ingredient in their purpose! If you have never visited BC, it is a must. You are surrounded by nature everywhere you look! So many lush forests and the beautiful Rockies! It is hard not to fall in love with the scenery and therefore, want to be sure that products are being made with sustainable practice. As mentioned on their website, "sustainability is top of mind for [them]. You will notice that [their] apparel is Made in Canada, and that [they] have chosen fabrics that are made with sustainable practices" ( Not only this, Lil Boop Boop is a Conservation Partner of Rainforest Trust , they donate from every sale to protect endangered species & habitats all over the world!

I told you she is amazing!!


My Favourite Things About Her Brand 

Of course, having a beautiful soul behind a brand makes things all that more positive and enjoyable when shopping! This is why I love shopping local. It is not just a brand you're picking off the shelf, you really get to talk to the face behind the name and learn so much about who they are, what they have to offer and how it all started. The passion behind their fire is so big for me and really makes a difference in my shopping experience. I love supporting other moms who hustle and are in my eyes super heroes, accomplishing amazing things on top of being moms!

But now about her product! Honestly, there is nothing about her stuff I don't love. I actually love it so much so, that I mentioned to her I wanted one for myself! The rompers are so soft to the touch and the colours are perfect. She really made a conscious effort to choose colours that were not gender specific because it is the most difficult thing as a mom when you have multiple kids; having to re-buy everything when the genders aren't the same. I would have to say that there isn't one colour she hasn't chosen that wouldn't look good on your baby!

Our favourite features include:

Fabric: I have already emphasized how soft her product is! But you'll have to get some of her rompers to believe me! All her clothing is made froTENCEL™  fibers which are super breathable and allow for body temperature to be regulated which is amazing for our little grow babes who don't necessarily have that ability right off the hop. 

Grow with you: this is absolutely a MUST HAVE in baby clothing because it really minimizes how much you have to purchase! It will last you longer and can help save money for sure! She has placed some extension on the cuffs around the wrists and ankles to provide room for baby to grow while still being able to fit into her garments.

Two-way Zipper: Firstly, the zipper is a much smarter piece to add to any baby clothing. My least favourite thing about baby clothes are all the darn buttons people place on them. It really turned me off as a mom having to dress my baby up every day because I knew the struggle it was going to be to have Emilia lay there until all 5000 buttons were done up! So this was a seller for me, and the fact that it zips two ways makes it so easy for diaper changes!

Cuff Flaps: On each of the cuffs there is extra fabric. This was probably my favourite part because very rarely do you find rompers that have built in mitts and footies! Emilia was a scratcher, especially when she would sleep; waking up some days looking like a cat attacked her! No matter how many gloves we bought, she always found a way to get ride of them! Plus one more item to get eaten by the washer/dryer! Her rompers come complete with built in so you don't have to worry about extra accessories, or forgetting to put socks on those cute little feet! For us, the pull over footies are a life saver because for sleeping E gets so warm and sweats, so it's nice to be able to have her feet out but then at home when it's a bit cold we could easily cover up those cute toes!

Remember, when you find a brand you love, especially if it's local, stay loyal because remember that momma has been working her buns off to bring you the best of the best! 

Checkout her video, so heartwarming!